Friday, March 7, 2014

Your Daily Giant 3/30/2013

Today's Daily Giant is a story of a very unusual skull. In the "Ye Olde Curiosity Shop" at 1001 Alaskan Way (Pier 54) Seattle, WA 98104, is found the above pictured curiosity. This skull matches many of the characteristics that researchers have found mentioned over and over while investigating giant skeleton accounts. Author and researcher Fritz Zimmerman speculated that this skull may have a connection to the ones listed in the attached newspaper account. Reported in the Daily Star July 24, 1912 page 2, the unearthing of 11 giant skeletons in Ellensburg Wash. from a cement rock formation over which was a layer of shale. The jawbones are described as "so large they will go around the face of the man of today." J. P. Munson professor of biology who lectured before the International Biology College in Austria the previous year visited the spot and pronounced them to be the bones of primitive man. The sloping skull he says, "shows an extremely low order of intelligence, far earlier than that of the Indians known to the whites." The skulls are also noted to have had double rows of teeth in the front upper jaws. I spoke with a woman at the shop. She told me that it is a genuine human skull that was brought in years ago as a curiosity because there is an arrowhead imbedded in the skull. She told me it is not for sale and it was not available for genetic testing. My guess is this is another example of extreme antiquity of humans existing in our country well before accepted dates. The massive jaw is clearly obvious along with the strange shape of the forehead. The Clovis barrier has been conclusively proven to be a forgettable episode of pseudoscience, now the question is, how far back do humans go in our country? As will be shown in future posts, institutions like the Smithsonian not only suppressed or made disappear giant skeletal evidence but also any evidence related to great antiquity such as Neanderthal like skulls or human remains buried with more ancient animals that theories told us could not be. Thanks to for the pictures.

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