Thursday, March 6, 2014

Your Daily Giant 3/6/2013

Today's daily giant is from Licking County, Ohio. A detailed New York Times report that reads like many of the giant accounts right out of the Smithsonian institution's Ethnology documents. Three over 7 foot skeletons with one 8 feet tall were unearthed. I found this giant account along with others in the archaeological scrapbook of George Sheldon at the PVMA library in Deerfield Ma. Sheldon was a well respected preservationist and historian who reported the finding of an 8 foot skeleton with double rows of teeth on page 78 of his History of Deerfield Mass. 1895. The New York Times article says the following "Several feet below the surface of the earth in the large vault, with stone floor and bark covering were found four huge skeletons, three being each over seven feet the other eight. About the neck of the largest skeleton were a lot of stone beads, evidently a necklace in life. The grave contained about 80 stone vessels and implements, the most striking, a curiously wrought pipe." Once again just like accounts found in the Smithsonian's own records. As you read through this article do you question any of the specifics of it? The shapes, descriptions or numbers of artifacts or observational details about vaults, bark, stone floors, evidence of burning etc... We fully accept all the detailed information in these accounts until we come to what is oven described as perfect, exact and careful measurements of skeletal remains. Only because we have been fed a lie that it could not have been, does it cause the reader to question the veracity of the facts. These are straight forward observational accounts and often done by trained professionals. The information filter makes people think and believe in funny ways, ways that not only betray their intuition and common sense but the truth itself as well.

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