Friday, March 7, 2014

Your Daily Giant 4/10/2013


Today's Daily Giant comes from Popular Science, Nov 1895-Apr 1896 pgs 17, 18, 20 and 23. It is a lengthy and detailed description of skeletons being unearthed in caves near Mentone, Italy in January 1894. From the report of H. P. FITZGERALD MARRIOTT, "the man must have stood about seven foot four inches, and the others, to whom the remaining skeletons belonged, about seven feet and an inch at most. The skulls are of unusual size and thickness, the frontal bone being at least a quarter of an inch thick and occipital bones fully three-quarters of an inch. The occipital in one of them is enormous, and is very much larger and out of proportion to the rest of the cranium, being expanded lengthwise, while in another it is the parietal bones which exhibit excessive extension. The orbital cavities are unusually large and curiously curved up to the outer corners. The bones too are of great thickness... The teeth are large and strong, but much used ; the front teeth are nearly as thick as ordinary molars." The report's author then goes on to state, "Mr. A. Vaughn Jennings as we have said, in 1892 had an article in the June number of Natural Science concerning the cave men of Mentone, which was so peculiarly inaccurate in its facts as to merit a few lines of criticism.... We are happy to have been able to supply this necessary information, from measurements that we took at the time on the spot, before the skeletons were removed from the earth in which they were imbedded." One common theme in professional accounts of unusually large or anatomical anomalous skeletons, is the rush by other professionals to attempt to muddy the waters, to try to reduce the size of the skeletons or question the methods and competency of the investigator. This is not unique to giant skeleton finds but occurs across the board when a professional presents any information that challenges the current theories. This, regardless of the unassailable evidence presented, such as finders of pre-Clovis dates who were attacked, had their methods and competency called into question and were accused of planting evidence. These praiseworthy professionals were later proven correct and now the Clovis barrier has been thoroughly debunked as pseudoscientific folly that just happened to be rammed down our throats for decades.

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