Friday, March 7, 2014

Your Daily Giant 4/29/2013
Today's Daily Giant comes from the Spokane Press, June 18, 1908 pg 4. Reported is the unearthing of a giant skeleton in Tacoma, Washington. From the article, "Charles Christman found the skeleton of a giant. It measured seven feet six inches in height and all the bones are large in proportion to their length, showing the person to have been a man of great weight. The skull has a transverse diameter of 7 1/2 inches and is 21 inches in circumference."

Once again a skeleton large in proportion is described as well as massiveness of bones and a huge skull. When is the last time you made important and specific measurements and screwed it up? Think of taking specific measurements that you knew you would tell to other people and possibly a newspaper. Do you think you may take your time and get it right? Hundreds of these accounts mention specific measurements and also report phrases like, exact measurement, precise measurement and careful measurement in describing these finds. If all these reports did not challenge current theories they would be readily accepted without question. A sure sign that a theory is wrong is when professionals torture evidence to make their theories work. They sure used the rack on these giant skeleton accounts to try to make them go away.

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