Friday, March 7, 2014

Your Daily Giant 4/28/2013

Today's Daily Giant comes from The Spokesman-Review, July 21, 1936 pg 10. This is another account from M. J. Ewers, a researcher I have been working with for some time. Between us, we have unearthed over 1000 accounts from all over the planet that we have in our files. On top of that, researchers Ross Hamilton, Chris Lesley, Fritz Zimmerman, Philip Rife, Wayne May, L. A. Marzulli, Steve Quayle, Jim Marrs, Terje Dahl, Brad Olsen, Klaus Dona and others have put together at least another 1000 accounts that I have read through. Pair that with the work of Brien Forester, Mark Laplume and others amassing evidence about elongated skulls worldwide and you have a mountain of impressive evidence about Anthropological mysteries that have never been even remotely explained but are very difficult to ignore. Today's account reports that a Giagantic Skull poses Problem. Deputy Coroner E. P. Doyle asked scientific help today in identifying a mysterious human skull, "one and one and a half times the size of a modern man's." The article cotinues, "With other portions of a skeleton the skull was unearthed by a steam shovel operator here. It has a huge prognathus jaw, high cheek bones and jutting teeth, high cheek bones and jutting teeth in the upper jaw. The relics which included several vertebrae, a leg bone and three finger bones, were in a stratum of hard-packed and rock eight feet underground." I assume the skull went missing in some Anthropology departments collection or maybe our friends from the Smithsonian showed up to help "study" the specimens. Whatever the case, does that make this case an unreality because the bones disappear. Was the Deputy Coroner sniffing too much formaldehyde and mistook a mastodon skull for a human one? Did the steam shovel operator have a four Martini lunch and couldn't see straight? Many giant skulls have been found, I have catalog numbers from at least three in the Smithsonian's own annual reports showing they received them, one quoted by the finder Judge W. J. Graham when he saw it mounted in the Smithsonian as being "as big as a watermelon". Many others disappeared in mysterious fashion such as the Morhiss Mound giant skull that went missing although unearthed by Archaeologist William A. Duffen, verified by Physical Anthropologist Marcus B. Goldstein who worked as an aide to the Director of physical Anthropology Alex Hrdlicka at the Smithsonian and is mentioned as being received by the Texas Archaeological Research Lab and now being listed as "missing from the collection" by Carolyn Spock, the TARL's head of records. To the skeptic who asks, where are the bones? I would say being determined to misunderstand evidence that you don't like doesn't make you a real researcher, it makes you just another sellout pretending to be open-minded and thorough.

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