Thursday, March 6, 2014

Your Daily Giant 1/12/2013

From the St. Petersburg Daily Times March 17th 1914, another account of giant skeletons unearthed with the Smithsonian Institution involved. Anatomic anomalies appear to be the key to proving this mystery. Double rows of teeth, massive skulls that could be fit over a head like a helmet and jawbones so large they could fit over the face of a full grown man are widely reported. Whether it is Fla. in 1914, Rockingham VT. in 1907, Martha's Vineyard in 1897 you find the witnesses explaining the same odd phenomena in the same way. Virtually identical descriptions over decades of time and thousands of miles in an era with slow spread of information like hand written letters. Once again, notice the description of the anatomic anomaly. "My friend with a full face of whiskers could slip the jawbone off and on quite easily.
Compare this to the History of the Town of Rockingham, Vermont. 1907, Lyman Simpson Hayes pg. 338: “When the earth was removed from the top of the ledges east of the falls, a remarkable human skeleton, unmistakably that of an Indian, was found. Those who saw it tell the writer the jaw bone was of such size that a large man could easily slip it over his face and the teeth, which were all double, were perfect.” And also The New England Magazine, Vol. 16, 1897, pg. 546: “The spot where the village of Edgartown stands today was at that time an ancient Indian burial ground. In one case, a huge jawbone of a man was dug up out from the ground, larger than that of any man at the present time, so large that it could be placed against the face of an ordinary man and entirely surround his jaw.”
And this in the Guide to the White Mountains and the Lake of New Hampshire. Tripp and Osgood, 1850, pg. 17: “A skeleton was exhumed in this town (Moltonborough) some 30 years ago, of almost fabulous proportions. It was buried in a sandy soil, on the shore of the lake, near the mouth of a small river. It was apparently the skeleton of a man some seven feet high- the jaw bones passing easily over the face of a large man.” These same accounts occur over and over again, I cannot envision an argument that could possibly explain this, that is why skeptics would never address this, they can only try to deflect away from the real evidence with bad faith arguments or unsubstantiated claims of hoaxes.

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