Thursday, March 6, 2014

Your Daily Giant 1/13/2013

From the American Antiquarian Volumes 9-10 Jan. to Nov. 1887 pg. 176. we find the following report. "At a depth of 14 feet below the surface, the workmen came upon the skeleton of a giant, in a tolerable good state of preservation, the skeleton was 8 feet 2 inches in length and measured 2 feet 2 inches across the pelvis. or from the out edge of hip joint to hip joint. A quantity of bears claws and claws of some other animals apparently, worn as a necklace were found. They had holes drilled through them and had been strung. The bowl of pipe, finely polished and of fine workmanship, made of Obsidian was found with the skeleton.........
At another point, about six miles from where this skeleton was found, at the mouth of the Sioux Coulec on sec. 18 T. S, N, R, 6, W, one of the agents or employs of the Smithsonian Institute, at Washington, exhumed the remains of another skeleton the size of which was calculated to be about 9 feet in length. Some copper implements were found with this, a copper breast plate and a copper hatchet amongst them." Not much more to say other than notice the level of detail and professionalism in this account, raises many questions and strengthens the case that is often made, that the Smithsonian is the Vatican of Science not only spiriting away giant skeletons but inconvenient artifact finds as well.

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