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Your Daily Giant 1/21/2013

The Newark Earthworks in Newark and Heath, Ohio, consists of three sections of preserved earthworks: the Great Circle Earthworks, the Octagon Earthworks, and the Wright Earthworks. The largest and most impressive earthworks in North America, this complex contained the largest earthen enclosures in the world, being about 3,000 acres in extent. The Newark Site still exists and is maintained as part of a golf course. The circle is 20 acres with 8 foot high walls and a 5 foot moat, the Octagon is an amazing 50 acres. Dr Ray Hively and Dr. Robert Horn from Earlham College discovered lunar alignments at the site while researching it in the 1980's. The Newark circle and octagon is aligned to lunar standstills, it measures the 18.61 year Metonic cycle of the moon, is considered twice as accurate as the astronomical measurements of Stonehenge and predicts eclipses.
The Newark site was once connected to a sister site of Chillicothe Ohio. The Great Hopewell Road a 60 mile several foot high earthen walled nearly perfectly straight 200 foot wide processional walkway connected the sites. At Chillicothe was found the High Bank Earthworks, a circle and octagon with the circle being 18 acres and the octagon being 20 acres like Newark. This site also measured the Metonic cycle, predicted eclipses and measured the suns setting and rising points at the solstices. Researcher Joseph Knapp has determined that Chillicothe was utilized for lunar observations between January through June each year because the Newark horizons blocked the best views of the moon. However in July through December, Newark's circle and Octagon offered the best place to view the movements of the moon. Hively and Horn estimated that it took over 100 years or careful observation prior to constructing the earthworks. This research has revealed that the prehistoric cultures in the area had advanced scientific understanding as the basis of their complex construction.
These types of discoveries almost always come from outside the field of archaeology, Hively and Horn are professors of Physics and Philosophy. At one time these types of alignments were thought impossible, sharing space with witchcraft and pseudoscience and being attacked and marginalized by "professionals". If the mind boggling accomplishments of Ancient America were taught in school instead of the tariff acts, endless wars and historical propaganda about our bankrupt, unsustainable and disconnected culture maybe so many school children wouldn't have to be drugged to pay attention in class.
As for the giant of the day we have from Chillicothe a find by the "Dean of American Archaeology" Warren K. Morehead. Morehead unearthed 68 skeletons averaging 7 feet tall with much larger from the Tiago Point Mound in Penn. as listed in a New York Times headline. He also unearthed giant skeletons in Connecticut. From the Wichita Daily Eagle November 17th 1891 page 2 is found, Chillicothe, Ohio "A skeleton in Armor". "Dr. Warren Morehead and Dr. Cresson have opened up the most interesting prehistoric relic yet discovered in America on a farm seven miles west of here. They exhumed the massive skeleton of a man encased in copper armor from a long mound. The mouth contained pearls of large size but much decayed. At the side of the skeleton was another skeleton supposed to be that of a women. The discoverers think they have found the king and queen of the Mound Builders." Skeptics claim that many of these giant finds are mega-fauna misidentified, what do you think was this a Mastodon buried in copper armor with pearls in its mouth, or maybe it was Barney the Dinosaur from PBS.

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