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Your Daily Giant 1/22/2013

A picture of the Brush Creek Tablet. Thankfully this image is left, for the original has "gone missing" as a reminder that only the troublesome artifacts and skeletons seem to disappear. The following is a letter from the men who excavated the mound where the tablet and truly giant and numerous skeletons were found. I have taken some filler out of this original letter, the content is carefully and thoughtfully documented and is the sworn testimony of the five men involved in the find. This one is a bombshell and only a huge fan of cognitive dissonance could doubt the credibility of this account.
Muskingum County, Ohio, Brush Creek Township, March 3, 1880.
To Dr. F. T. Everhart Historian,

Dear sir on December 1, 1879 we assembled with a large number of people for the purpose of excavating into and examining the contents of an ancient mound, located on the farm of Mr. J. M. Baughman, in Brush Creek Township. The mound is situated on the summit of a hill, rising 152 feet above the bed of the stream called Brush Creek. It is about 64 feet in width by about 90 feet in length, having an altitude of 11 feet 3 inches; is nearly flat on top. On the mound were found the stumps of 16 trees ranging in size from 8 inches to 2 and a half feet in diameter. We began the excavations by digging a trench four feet wide from the east side....At this juncture work was abandoned on account of the lateness of the hour, until Monday December 8th when it was resumed by opening the mound from the Northwest. When at the depth of seven and a half feet in the north trench, came upon two enormous skeletons, male and female, lying one above the other, faces together, and heads toward the west. The male by actual measurement, proved to be nine feet six inches, the female eight feet nine inches in length. At about the same depth in the west trench we found two more skeletons, lying two feet apart, faces upward and faces to the east. These, it is believed were full as large as those already measured but the condition in which they were found rendered exact measurement impossible. On December 22nd we began digging at the southwest portion of the mound, and had not proceeded more than three feet when we discovered an altar made of sand rock. The altar was six feet in width and twelve feet in length, and was filled with clay, and of about the same shape that the mound originally was. Immediately behind or west of the altar, were found three skeletons, lying faces upwards heads toward the south, measuring, respectively: eight feet ten, nine feet two and nine feet four inches in length. In another grave a female skeleton eight feet long and a male skeleton nine feet four inches long- the female the lowermost, and the face downward, and the male on top face upward, behind the site of the altar. After proceeding about four feet, we found, within three feet of the top of the mound, and five feet above the natural surface, a coffin or burial case, made of a peculiar kind of yellow clay, the like of which we have not found in the township, consequently, we believe it was brought from a distance. Within the casket were confined the remains of a female eight feet in length. (There is then a description of finding the Brush Creek Tablet with strange Hieroglyphics on it and then), We have found 11 human skeletons in all. The above report contains nothing but facts briefly told and knowing that the public has been humbugged and imposed upon by archaeologists, we wish to fortify our own statements by giving the following testimonial. We the undersigned citizens of Brush Creek Township, having been present and taken part in the above excavation, do certify that the statements herewith set forth our true and correct, and in no particular has the writer deviated from the facts in the case. Signed Thomas D. Showers, John Worstall, Marshall Cooper, J.M. Baughman and S.S. Baughman.

After reading several thousand of these accounts over decades of time and all around the country, I must say this one may be the most compelling. Detail ridden, with meticulous measurements of everything. Would we question their measurements of the mounds or altars? Why then would the skeleton measurements be in question when it is clearly stated "by actual measurement." It is simply that it is troubling data for those who would wish it away. That is why these things are not properly investigated. Take out the giant skeletal measurements and it is easily all accepted as fact. Well, that is, if they didn't also find the Brush Creek Stone that just happened to go missing.

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