Thursday, March 6, 2014

Your Daily Giant 1/28/2013

10 miles south of Jackson Tennessee is a massive 1000 acre mound site called Pinson. Pinson was established about 100 B.C. until 300 A.D., Pinson was the largest ceremonial mound site in all of Ancient America. The site includes 12 mounds including four truncated (flat topped) earthen pyramids and the second tallest remaining mound remaining in America today (the 72 foot Saul's Mound pictured here). Various alignments to solar and stellar events are found at the Pinson site. Pinson may have served as a gigantic "Medicine Wheel" where specific star sightings were used to serve as markers for ceremonies. No one ever lived at the site. Researcher Rene Millon found that the pyramidal complex of Teotihuacan in Mexico had been built on a grid system made up of 187 foot squares. Millon found that the 187 foot grid system (and its diagonal measurement) seemed to match more than 100 ancient American mound sites including Pinson. Dr. Greg Little's Mound Builders book talks about this phenomena, a highly recommended read.
Naming Tennessee's football team the Titans seems to be appropriate, for giant remains in abundance were found throughout the state. The 9 foot account lists Justice of the Peace John Park of White County unearthing the giant skeleton found in a stone arched grave. Researching to verify the existence of Mr. Park I found mention of him and his property where the giant was found in "Acts of the State of Tennessee Passed at the General Assembly" 1883 pg. 49. "so as to include John Park's lands in White County." Like thousands of other accounts including thousands and thousands of people, wouldn't Mr. Park have something to say about a story describing a 9 foot skeleton on his land unless it were true.

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