Thursday, March 6, 2014

Your Daily Giant 1/29/2013

"Giant in Ancient Mound" from the Washington Post, June 23rd 1908. One recurring theme of these reports is the same type of description of the "massiveness" of the bones. This term is used over and over to describe unusual thickness and girth of these finds. Oftentimes giant axes, giant tools and as you see with this one, giant copper bracelets are found. A curiously inscribed totem was found at the head of the skeleton is noted. What this is, is another inscribed stone tablet like the Grave Creek, Bat Creek, and Brush Creek stones found in burial mounds. These tablets are sometimes grudgingly accepted like the Bat Creek stone found by the Smithsonian in Tennessee or called a hoax with absolutely no evidence like the Grave Creek Tablet. These troublesome artifacts have a strange way of disappearing for some odd reason but as you see the description of it is right there. The good news is that the Smithsonian was notified of the discovery. I thought for a minute this skeleton might go missing. It's only been 114 years I understand, but do you think they may have studied and catalogued this find yet. I know almost a billion dollars in taxpayer money a year doesn't go as far as it used to. Maybe I will visit the museum. I can take the school kids and bring them to the permanent Koch Brothers funded climate change denial installation, where we are told humans may adapt to climate change in the future by "building underground cities, growing short compact bodies and curved spines, to better move around in tight spaces." Hey kids, the Koch Brothers and the Smithsonian are great for thinking of you, just don't grow anymore and it will be a great time living in underground cities in the future. I am still wondering if bringing up this information as reported by Jane Mayer in the New Yorker, had anything to do with my TEDX talk being removed from the internet? Most likely not, I have never known corporations or institutions to be involved in underhanded activity.

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