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Your Daily Giant 1/7/2013

The Turners Falls reporter July 10th 1912, 11 giant skeletons with double rows of teeth found in Wash. state, jawbones so big they could fit over the face of a grown man. Skeptics waste the time of open minded people with talk of disarticulation, gigantism and other lazy tricks to avoid the real issue here. I believe anatomic anomalies like massive jawbones, double rows of teeth and skulls so large they can be fit over the head of a living human are the key to this mystery. These anatomic anomalies are found all over the country through decades of time in a staggering number of accounts.
Here is the first giant skeleton account I ever read, researching town histories on a tangential matter. After this, I read through thousands of pages of New England town histories and found Giant skeleton reports with double rows of teeth in Middleboro, Martha's Vineyard, Newton, Hadley, Concord N.H., Rockingham VT. and elsewhere.

George Sheldon's 1895 The Town History of Deerfield, Ma. Volume 1, page 78. reads:
“At the foot of Bars Long Hill, just where the meadow fence
crossed the road, and the bars were placed that gave the
village its name, many skeletons were exposed while
plowing down a bank, and weapons and implements were
found in abundance. One of these skeletons was described
to me by Henry Mather who saw it, as being of monstrous
size — ‘the head as big as a peck basket, with double teeth
all round.’ The skeleton was examined by Dr. Stephen W.
Williams who said the owner must have been nearly eight
feet high. In all the cases noted in this paragraph, the
bodies were placed in a sitting posture, facing the east.”
Skeptics pretend they are being open-minded and act in good faith to objectively evaluate evidence. The reality is they are nothing more than trolls climbing over one another to defend a system of theory and thought long outdated, that the rest of us know is patently false, any skeptics want to tell me how double rows of teeth found its way all over the country in all these accounts?

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