Thursday, March 6, 2014

Your Daily Giant 2/13/2013

One thing I have learned about giants is that they are giant. The other day we posted a 10 foot 9 1/2 inch skeleton found in Winona County Minnesota as listed in a New York Times article in 1868. Today we hit the 1883 Town History of Winona County for the daily giant because the other thing about giants is they like to hang out with each other. These accounts almost never occur in isolation. I have found accounts like this in town histories all over the country. We find "on measuring, the giant skeleton was found to be 10 feet in length, with other parts in proper proportion.". Then also "Another skeleton nine feet long, was found in the village of Dresbach." A description of artifact finds and the ability to harden copper is also discussed. It is noted that these skeletons were of a much larger size than those normally found in burial mounds and they were in proper proportion, showing a context for the find and a knowledge of anatomy. #Living Large

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