Thursday, March 6, 2014

Your Daily Giant 2/14/2013

Today's daily giant comes from the work of Don Dragoo. Like William Webb who unearthed the Kentucky Giant at the Dover mound (carbon dated 2650 B.C.) in 1951, Dragoo also unearthed giant skeletal remains in the late 1950's. The following is from Ross Hamilton's outstanding book "A tradition of Giants" Scholar Donald Dragoo was directly affiliated with the Carnegie Museum of Natural History in Pittsburgh from the years 1952-1977. He is considered the last of the great Adena scholars and by the end of his career was named curator of the Carnegie‘s Section of Anthropology. In discussing these honored dead and referring to this taller Adena stature, he says in his Mounds for the Dead: "Two outstanding traits have been noted repeatedly for this group. One is the protruding and massive chin often with prominent bilateral protrusions (Webb and Snow, 1959, p. 37). The second trait is the large size of many of the males and some of the females. Not only were these Adena people tall, but also the massiveness of the bones indicates powerfully built individuals. The head was generally big with a large cranial capacity." Dragoo named the anatomic anomaly of a massive jaw, the Adena Jaw after the Adena Mound builder civilization, he also mentions the "massiveness" of the bones, a recurrent theme in these giant finds. Dragoo joins former curator of Anthropology at the Carnegie, W. J. Holland who unearthed between an 8 and 9 foot skeleton as some of the very highly regarded professionals who unearthed giant skeletons.

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