Thursday, March 6, 2014

Your Daily Giant 2/16/2013

Today's Daily Giant comes from the St. Petersburg Daily Times on August 13th 1914. Professor J. H. Pratt of the Southland Seminary reports finding bones of a nine foot tall skeleton and concludes "coupled with the extraordinary size of some of the skulls dug up" there were giants in ancient Florida. Just like yesterday's post, how is it possible to view giant skulls and not correctly describe them? When was the last time you used the word extraordinary? My guess is that you were describing something extraordinary. Professor J. H. Pratt also worked at the University of North Carolina and wrote about the mineralogy in the state. Giant skeletons found in shell heaps like this one, have been reported on both coasts from Florida to Maine and California to Oregon. The Smithsonian found giant bones and unusually large skulls in a shell heap also reported in 1914 in the Evening Independent. The article said the Smithsonian was searching for proof of a giant race theory. In the Smithsonian's Annual report of the Board of Regents in 1874 it is reported that found in a shell heap on Amelia Island, Florida were, an extremely large skull with perfect teeth, and a perfectly preserved massive skull with two rows of teeth.
I appreciate the comments of people responding on this page and there have been some particularly good ones that help put this phenomena in context. Yesterday on the Morhiss skull post, Don Spohn of Copper Lakes research and John Buchannan made some great points about the academic filter. John sent along this comment from investigative journalist Jim Marrs. "There exists in the Scientific Community a knowledge filter that screens out unwelcomed evidence. This process of knowledge filtration has been going on for over a century and continues up to the present day. One exasperated researcher recently wrote, "Realize that scientific institutions such as the Smithsonian and the National Geographic are set up by the world's elite factions in the first place to either debunk, distort or simply ignore any scientific data that tends to enlighten people about their true origins." My experience is that is certainly the case and I appreciate the support people have shown as I continue to uncover the truth.

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