Thursday, March 6, 2014

Your Daily Giant 2/17/2013

Today's Daily Giant is of an "at least 8 foot" skeleton unearthed in California as reported in the Pittsburg Press, December 23rd 1916. It was found while workmen were digging gravel at the Frank Wallace Ranch. The Deputy Coroner Robert Morgan is the one who determined the size of the skeleton and the remains were sent to the University of California Anthropological Department. This matter of fact report simply states the details and the remains were forwarded to U Cal. Barnum and Bailey do not appear to be involved here and like virtually all these accounts, there is no one benefiting from a sensationalist hoax. A carnival barker has not stepped in to buy the remains and charge admission around the country either. We are often told by professionals that newspapers ran these "stories" to sell newspapers. This argument appears to be without merit as most of these accounts are not front page stories trying to grab the attention of the gullible consumer. The majority of these reports are buried in the back of the newspapers and are mundane regurgitations of the facts of the finds. This particular account was found on page 63 of the Pittsburg Press. Some of the other articles on the page were, "French will Shoot Women Spies", "Jail turned into Laundry", "Hat Maker's get 8 hour Working Day" and "Mean Thief Steals Pants". I don't know about you but I certainly would have turned to page 63 and laid down my 3 cents for the paper after seeing the Mean Thief Steals Pants story. I can't even imagine how mean that thief must have been to steal those pants, truly one of the great mysteries of our time.

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