Thursday, March 6, 2014

Your Daily Giant 2/18/2013

Today's daily giant is from the Victoria Advocate June 13th 1939. One of the arguments that Professor Skeptic gives us to disprove the Giant theory is the phenomena of disarticulation. When bones sit for long periods of time they tend to expand away from each other and the skeleton can appear larger than normal. I spoke with a physical Anthropologist who told me of a Maritime Archaic dig she was on when she was young. She thought the skeleton that they unearthed was unusually large but the head Anthropologist explained that disarticulation can make it appear that way. I am sure there may have been some miscalculations based on this kind of occurrence. However, this by no means can be used to explain away the scope of what we are dealing with here. The multitude of 8, 9, 10 and 11 foot finds are well out of the range of being affected by a few inches here and there. Also, the other traits consistently mentioned have no association with disarticulation. Double rows of teeth, huge teeth, huge skulls, incredible thickness of skulls, massive jawbones, massiveness or girth of bones etc... are widely reported. Today's account from Oregon is no different. While the skeleton is reported to be 7 foot tall, the skull was measured as having a 25 inch circumference. 25 inches is outrageously huge and could not have been confused in the act of measurement. Richard G. Morgan, State Archaeologist, not some dude out of the movie Deliverance, verified the information and declared it "the most important archaeological discovery in that section of the state in recent years". This particular article was found on page 30 of the paper, not exactly headline screaming sensationalism that is claimed about these finds. The reality is that the vast majority of these accounts are nothing more than a sober rendering of events and measurements and nothing else.

BTW - the find "has brought hundreds of visitors to the scene and attracted the attention of expert archeologists".

Sounds fake to me. LOL

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