Thursday, March 6, 2014

Your Daily Giant 2/19/2013

From The Spokane Press., November 16, 1908, Page 4. is to be found today's Daily Giant. During a mining operation in Alaska, A. R. Simpson found a giant petrified human bone buried 52 feet in the earth. Simpson's wife, "who is a woman of education and friends of Herbert Spencer and Thomas Carlyle in her youth, took up the work of learning the significance of the find." Dr. W. R. Cassels of Fairbanks pronounced the bone to be undoubtedly from the leg of a prehistoric giant and others who have seen it agree with him. This and any others to be discovered were turned over to the Smithsonian Institution in the hope that the government would conduct a further investigation". I have been looking for an angle here, taking into consideration all the arguments skeptics use to explain away this kind of find. With many experts examining it, it does not appear to be a mastodon bone. The newspaper account does not seem to be promoting a sensationalist headline story, just reporting the facts of the find. There seems to be no perceived gain for Mr. Simpson, he is not setting up a carnival show, he in fact shipped the remains to the Smithsonian. Like so many other of these accounts we seem to always be left with the same conclusion and a bad taste in our mouths.

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