Thursday, March 6, 2014

Your Daily Giant 2/23/2013


Today's Daily Giant story was found in the Pittsburg press July 20, 1913 and also in the Daily Telegraph on July 26th. It tells the story of the discovery of German naturalist Dr. A. W. Furstenan. Furstenan unearthed an 8 foot skeleton with artifacts such as mortar and pestles and arrow heads on Catalina Island. He was told of a legend while in Mexico of a giant and noble race that lived on Catalina Island that existed long before the white man and had since vanished. Furstenan's find corroborates the work of Ralph Glidden who unearthed and collected 3,781 skeletons on Catalina Island California. Like other finds of giant skeletons Furstenan's occurred years before Glidden did his digs.

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