Thursday, March 6, 2014

Your Daily Giant 2/24/2013

Besides a press conference at the White House with a live giant, I feel like you can't get much closer to what one would call "proof" than today's entry. Especially in light of the fact that the Smithsonian has seemed to have collected quite a bit of giant skeletal remains, records of which still exist in their own Ethnology reports for anyone to see. Today's Daily Giant describes the unearthing of a 7 foot 8 skeleton from the Colonel Ben Smith Mound in West Virginia by the respected Professor P. K. Norris of the Smithsonian Institution. The 1902 letter in the West Virginia Historical Magazine Quarterly not only speaks of the find but also the unearthing several years later of a giant axe that Mr. Roller is wondering if it belonged to the giant that was found. Many giant weapons and artifacts have been unearthed in burial mounds, often times reported to be buried with or in the hands of giants. These giant artifacts, many that are to be found in museums today, are later magically transformed into "ceremonial" objects to help keep us safe from bad science. The letter describes the giant skeleton find "about 15 years ago" and the other picture posted shows the New York Times account of the original find actually 19 years earlier. I recently received an email from a Stonebuilder friend Sarah of West Virginia, who told me the following. " Just a side note, both men in the letter you provided me were and still are very prominent and respected figures in Charleston. Robert Douglas Roller, Sr. was the rector of St. John's Episcopal in Charleston. His son, Robert Douglas Roller, Jr. Was a doctor. There is a Rd in the affluent area of Charleston called "Roller Rd.". William Sydney Laidley was a prominent and influential attorney and philanthropist. There are several buildings and a street downtown named after him."

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