Thursday, March 6, 2014

Your Daily Giant 2/25/2013


Today's Daily Giant is a recent find of another giant account by Warren King Moorehead. Moorehead was considered the "Dean of American Archaeology" and unearthed giant skeletons in several states. During his time he was a household name, famous for his work at Cahokia, Etowah, the original Hopewell mound site, Maritime Archaic burial sites in the northeast and other well known digs. From the Baltimore Sun Jan. 23, 1889 is found today's account. "There has been a great deal of excitement here for several days over the discovery of Indian relics and remains by Warren K. Moorehead, of the Smithsonian Institution....Eleven skeletons were found in a space of 20 feet, one of them must have been the skeleton of a giant, as the lower jawbone was almost twice the ordinary size. The femur was 2 inches larger than a six foot man." Once again Moorehead is reporting anatomic anomalies. A jawbone nearly twice the normal size, along with other accounts in Connecticut and Pennsylvania that talk of huge teeth and "massiveness" of bone structure. The New York Times account of Moorehead's unearthing of the mound at Tioga Point Penn. states the following. "In the mound were found the bones of 68 men believed to have been buried 700 years ago. The average height of these men was 7 feet while MANY were MUCH taller. Further evidence of their gigantic size was found in large celts or axes hewed from stone and buried in the grave." The Moorehead NYT account comes Chris Lesley at who, like many other researchers, has uncovered hundreds of these accounts. Skeptic do not address evidence like this, they like to point to a couple well known hoaxes like the Cardiff Giant, hoping it will all go away, not thousands of well known facts.

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