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Your Daily Giant 3/11/2013

Updated about 12 months ago
Today's Daily Giant comes from the Reading Eagle, May 24th 1937, page 2. A find of a strange tribe of giant Indians more than seven feet tall in South Central Oklahoma is reported by Dr. Forrest Clements head of Anthropology for the University of Oklahoma. This find was reported in several others newspapers including the Sunday Morning Star July 11th 1937, page 12. Dr. Clements was a well respected Anthropologist who was in charge of the excavation at the famous Spiro Mound site in Oklahoma. He lead efforts to have only qualified professionals excavate sites. He also witnessed the tragedy at Spiro Mounds as countless priceless artifacts were lost by the pillaging of relic hunters who had previously dug into Spiro Mounds before him. The amazing treasure of pearls, copper and other finds discovered, is described in detail in the 2007 book "The looting of Spiro Mounds: An American King Tut's tomb" by David La Vere. A persistent rumor has lasted for years that a nearly 9 foot giant covered in copper was unearthed at Spiro and taken away by the Smithsonian. The following account is from Ross Hamilton's book "A Tradition of Giants" about Spiro ―"Of the skeletal material, only four or five good specimens were found. One remarkable mummy was 8-1/2 feet in length. He had been cremated to such an extent that the flesh was charred, and remained in that condition throughout the ages. Across the breast of this mighty warrior were seven large bows, three stone pipes, forty war points, and four eight-inch spears. No beads were found on this body. At the time of this discovery, little attention has been paid the excavation of this mound. The mummy was moved into the only tent available. A few neighbors marveled at the remains, but no museum authorities or archaeologists were interested enough to investigate. After occupying for several weeks the only shelter available, it was moved to the rear of the tent to make room for more valuable relics, and left to the ravages of the elements. In a few weeks, it had disappeared". Groves, G.I., Editor N.A.I.R.C.A. Official Bulletin, Copyright 1936, by G.I. Groves and Allen Brown. 10 pages. Chicago, 5022 N. Lockwood Ave.

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