Friday, March 7, 2014

Your Daily Giant 3/12/2013

Today's Daily Giant is from the Washington Post, June 24th, 1937. The largest skull ever recorded is reported found by archaeologist and Presiding Judge W. J. Graham of the United States Court of Custom and Patents Appeals. Judge Graham found the enormous skull in Stafford County, Virginia, the site of many other giant skeleton finds. The skull was sent to the Smithsonian Institution as was all his finds. Judge Graham was astounded after he saw the skull mounted, "it looked almost as big as a watermelon". He also estimated that it's owner must have had a hat size over eight. The skeleton also is noted to have gone to the Smithsonian but it had not been assembled yet. Here is a record of it from the Smithsonian's Annual Report 1938, page 91, "Graham, Judge W. J., Washington, D. C. : Human skeletal material from 3 ossuaries near Potomac Creek, Stafford County, Va. (144975)".The previous largest skull was found in the Aleutian Islands a year before by the Smithsonian's curator of physical Anthropology Alex Hrdlicka. Professor skeptic tells us that all these thousands of accounts are hoaxes, misidentified Mastodon remains and an inability to understand human anatomy. Clearly anyone who says such things has not spent more than 15 minutes looking at this phenomena and is not qualified to give an opinion. Frankly, I just cannot believe how much evidence there is, when I started following this mystery I had no idea that I would ever run into so many accounts such as this. I firmly believe that this mystery will be solved and will drastically change theories about History, Anthropology, Evolution and Archaeology.

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