Friday, March 7, 2014

Your Daily Giant 3/14/2013

Today's Daily Giant is a continuation of a recent post of back to back reports from the Pittsburg Press, September 13th and 14th 1932. This story was also picked up by the New York Times on Sept. 14th as well. A highly detailed account is given of the find, including a map of where the dig site was and photos. We are told that the unearthing of prehistoric giants found near Finleyville (Pa.) has focused the interest of scientists the world over upon a wooded hillside near Pittsburg. Let's look at some of the details of this find. Excavators led by State Archaeologist D. S. Fisher unearthed 49 skeletons from at burial mound in Washington County Pa. Archaeologists were amazed at the excellent condition of the teeth. The largest skeleton was a "Giant" nearly 8 feet high. It measured 89 inches from feet to skull and measured 26 inches across the chest. There is a photo of Fisher examining " huge bones" and a photo of some of the large teeth also. One female skeleton was noted for having "huge" teeth, all the skeletons had "massive jaws" and "strong" teeth. State Archaeologist Fisher remarked, "never in all my finds have I seen strong, well preserved teeth such as these". Fisher's men also had to protect the site as there were hundreds of onlookers. From the Pittsburg Press Oct 7, 1932 page 7, we find the following reported, a month after the initial find. The highly regarded Dr. Donald A. Cadzow is making the trip to the capital with all the skeletal remains from the dig, including a giant 7 foot 5 inches. Cadzow was a former Cambridge University and British Museum Ethnologist and Archaeologist. The previous article explained that the remains are traveling to Harrisburg where some will go to the Smithsonian Institution. Just like the previous article stated, Fisher, the State Archaeologist had the bones at his workshop in Finleyville from the September dig. In fact every detail carries over correctly from story to story. Do you think this information would persist if not true, or that professionals Fisher, Cadzow and others would complain about this wild exaggeration making it all the way to the New York Times and jeopardizing their credibility?. Obviously, this is a reality, whether the bones disappeared at the Smithsonian or were dumped in the Atlantic, whoever calls these specific anatomical descriptions a hoax is clearly not qualified to give an opinion. They cannot be taken seriously by reasonable and logical people and should be laughed out of the room instead of given an audience for their illogical nonsense.

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