Friday, March 7, 2014

The Ides of March 2013 Daily Giant

Today's Daily Giant comes from "A History of the Valley of Virginia", by Samuel Kercheval, Charles James Faulkner and John Jeremiah Jacob, 1833 pg. 59. A few of the notable points from this document are, an enormous jawbone dug up with the teeth in a perfect state of preservation. A skeleton of "unusual " size with a 3 foot thigh bone and massive jawbone that "would pass over any common man's face with ease." Also a 7 foot skeleton was mentioned. Let's check out a couple of a mountain of accounts that say the same thing, that I found in the New England historical records.
The New England Magazine, Vol. 16, 1897, pg. 546: “The spot where the village of Edgartown stands today was at that time an ancient Indian burial ground. In one case, a huge jawbone of a man was dug up out from the ground, larger than that of any man at the present time, so large that it could be placed against the face of an ordinary man and entirely surround his jaw.”
Guide to the White Mountains and the Lake of New Hampshire. Tripp and Osgood, 1850, pg. 17: “A skeleton was exhumed in this town (Moultonborough) some 30 years ago, of almost fabulous proportions. It was buried in a sandy soil, on the shore of the lake, near the mouth of a small river. It was apparently the skeleton of a man some seven feet high- the jaw bones passing easily over the face of a large man.”
History of the Town of Rockingham, Vermont. 1907, Lyman Simpson Hayes pg. 338: “When the earth was removed from the top of the ledges east of the falls, a remarkable human skeleton, unmistakably that of an Indian, was found. Those who saw it tell the writer the jaw bone was of such size that a large man could easily slip it over his face and the teeth, which were all double, were perfect.”

Pair those with hundreds of others often in obscure town histories and scientific journals all over the country over decades of time and you have one large WTF. How could this possibly be if this phenomena were not a reality? No Mastodon bones, no internet, no benefit for the reporter, no hoax, no exaggeration, no mermaids, no unicorns, no contest.

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