Friday, March 7, 2014

Your Daily Giant 3/19/2013

Today's Daily Giant comes from the Washington Post, December 4, 1898. Once again, a matter of fact account that matches so many others like it. R. A. Tomlinson, in Owl Creek, Ohio, uncovers an 8 foot skeleton while digging in a gravel bed. This skeleton was not disarticulated, it lies at full length and was "excellently preserved". The 8 foot skeleton was measured and amazed those who saw it. We read "the bones were massive showing the man was a giant in strength as well as stature. The skull was a third larger than the average human skull, and the lower jaw was abnormal in size and thickness. Hundreds of people have viewed the skeleton and it will doubtless be preserved as a curiosity." Professor Skeptic tells us that newspapers of old are not to be trusted, that stories were made up and lies were easily thrown around. My opinion is that in general I have come to trust the veracity of older newspaper accounts more than modern day ones. There is no room for controversy or dissension in today's media. The main stream press is staffed with lapdogs and sellouts and have the moral character of Congress. Barely anything controversial is addressed. Dear Mr. President, could you tell us about drone strikes, secret kill lists, the NDAA, black budgets or illegal data mining by the NSA? Mr. Bush, could you tell us why you and Mr. Cheney chose to meet together and off the record when you went before the 911 commission and please explain all the criminal behavior your administration took part in, including drug running, torture, illegal wiretapping and lying us into a war that killed hundreds of thousands? The press is almost exclusively bought and sold, told what to say and strongly knowing what can and cannot be said or asked. Elizabeth Warren is a complete aberration in politics. Our Congress and Senate make ancient Roman politicians appear moral. A worthless collection of ego driven sellouts in bed with any corporation looking to avoid taxes or commit criminal behavior against humanity or the environment. If you are blind to this I may suggest you go watch any of the last 100 episodes of Frontline or 60 Minutes, two of the few shows that take on the scumbags that rule our society. This is the world we live in, where control, censorship, power and money corrupt the Democratic process and "truth" is dictated to the masses not equally agreed upon. To quote Michael Corleone from The Godfather when his wife, defending the status quo, tells him that Senators don't have people killed replies, "Now who is being Naive".

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