Friday, March 7, 2014

Your Daily Giant 3/18/2013

Today's Daily Giant is another of nearly 100 reports of giant skeleton finds, described in the New York Times alone, from every corner of the country. From May 22, 1871, comes a report from Kern County California of giant skeleton finds. The first is described as a seven foot five skeleton with a skull so large that a full grown person placed his head inside it. The other is a find of a nearly 12 foot skeleton with a three foot thigh bone. Is there any other phenomena in human history such as this, where thousands of first hand observations are said to be completely misidentified or misrepresented. Were thousands of observations about colonial boundaries, survey information, genealogies or exact measurements of earthen burial mounds and pyramids all inaccurate? Not a few of them but total misrepresentation or inaccuracy across the board. That is what, literally every academic who addresses this, is saying about this phenomena. That every single one of these thousands of accounts, from Archaeologists, Physical Anthropologists, Ethnologists, doctors, farmers, in fact people from all walks of life, is a misunderstanding or an outright deception. Regardless of the mountain of accounts that proclaim the finder put a skull over their head or a jawbone over their face or indicated the skulls were nearly an inch thick, somehow we are told that every last one of these often trained professionals and respected citizens was either delusional or lying. Make no mistake, this is what every Anthropologist or Archaeologist who dismisses this phenomena is saying, although they may try to couch it deceptively in some other diversionary and dismissive way. In fact, the theory promulgated is that they were all lies or hoaxes. Nobody can seriously believe all these finds in burial mounds often adorned with jewelry and buried with artifacts were ancient elephants that were dressed up. They are claiming that the greatest hoax in human history has taken place, a hoax so pervasive and powerful that it clouded the minds of generations of people. Newspaper editors were powerless under its spell and ran hundreds of stories about these false reports. Literally, over ten thousand people were implicated in this hoax, in firsthand accounts, as they had no problem being mentioned in blatant lies in town histories, scientific journals or New York Times articles. This delusion crept into the minds of some of the greatest men of science at the Smithsonian Institution also, forcing them to lie or clouding their judgment to such an extent that they couldn't understand simple human anatomy as their Ethnology reports clearly tell of multiple giant skeleton accounts in great detail. This is the insane logic we are up against. An assault on objective truth and the ones telling us these bizarre fairytales are supposed to be the most trained professionals in this field, who alone are qualified to dictate the debate to the rest of us unqualified amateurs.

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