Friday, March 7, 2014

Your Daily Giant 3/17/2013

Today's Daily Giant comes from Mr. Lewis Collins, The History of Kentucky 1877, Page 722. Wow, page 722, better call Barnum and Bailey, I can see the suckers lining up around the block. Like any controversial area of study, controversial only because it flies in the face of current theories not for a lack of evidence, skeptics think if they can debunk a few pieces of evidence then the whole thing goes away. This approach is clearly wrong and here we have another example. Once again, an obscure publication listing the same anatomic anomaly as mentioned in countless other, often obscure publications. "The under jawbone was large enough to fit over the jaw, flesh and all of any common man of the present day". We are all asked to play by certain rules of logic and reason in our society. Rules that are supposed to get most people to behave in ways that are sane, predictably appropriate in a good way and reasonable. What I have found, is that otherwise intelligent people can conjure the most insane arguments if it threatens their egos. The idea that all these thousands of accounts are hoaxes or misidentifications is ludicrous. Who is possibly benefitting here. It makes no sense whatsoever. What I can ask is, what does your intuition tell you? Does this account resonate as true to you? A straightforward rendition of an observational account buried, as so many others, in a dusty 1000 page document. Forget about all the pitiful arguments about how there couldn't have been 8,9,10 and 11 foot humans in the past and listen to your intuition. Personal experience is our guide in life, a guidance system that connects us to a higher level of awareness and truth, a multidimensional perspective if you will. My personal experience is that this phenomena is a reality and that compels me to keep researching it. What does your experience tell you. Forget about my reasons or the arguments of the skeptics, just listen to your experience and you will be lead in the direction of truth. Nothing else should matter to the observer other than to identify and evaluate their personal experience. The thrust of the system we live under is to pretend it has all the answers. Just go back to sleep and consume, we have everything figured out, there is no reason to be inspired or inquisitive. That model isn't really working to well for actual humans and my personal experience is that people are fucking pissed.

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