Friday, March 7, 2014

Your Daily Giant 3/24/2013

Today's Daily Giant comes from The News, October 23, 1925 page 6. Reported is the unearthing of 8 skeletons of giant size in a burial mound in Indiana. They were buried in a pattern like spokes of a wheel, a burial technique mentioned many times in other accounts. One skeleton was covered in copper breastplates, bands and other bits of copper armor. This matches other reports at burial mounds like the Spiro Oklahoma mound where a nine foot giant in copper armor was found (reportedly taken by the Smithsonian) and the "King of the Moundbuilders" skeleton of an "enormous" man found by the Dean of American Archaeology Warren King Moorehead in Illinois. Grove Vosburg the 70 year old farmer on whose land the burial mound sat, had always wondered about its contents and secretly dug into it. Many intricate artifacts including one carved with "a fantastic monster" were found. Once again the skulls were said to have been of a strange type. Another example of a find mentioning many details that logic would dictate would be difficult to know about, especially for a 70 year old farmer. Spokes of a wheel, strange skulls, copper armor and giant skeletons, my guess is that Mr. Vosburg was not spinning a tall tale.

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