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Your Daily Giant 3/25/2013


Today's Daily Giant comes from "The Catholic Church in the Niagara Peninsula", William Richard Harris 1626-1895 pages 19 and 20. We are informed that Dr. Reynolds unearthed 20 skeletons "one third larger than the Iroquois or Huron", 15 feet down at the head of the Gallops Rapids on the River St. Lawrence. "Some of the skeletons were of gigantic proportion. The lower jaw of one is sufficiently large to surround the corresponding bone of an adult of our generation. Then on page 20 we find the mention of a mound in Orleans County N.Y. that yielded "skeletons of giant size". We also are informed that in 1809, three and a half miles from Aurora N.Y., a copper plate was ploughed up. "Upon it were engraved characters extending its whole length, which have not yet been deciphered." Massive jawbones and strange hieroglyphics seem to be standard descriptions in many of these accounts. Notice the following report from researcher Fritz Zimmerman author of the Nephilim Chronicles. The 70 foot high Grave Creek burial mound in West Virginia yielded not only giant skeletons but the mysterious Grave Creek stone. The Smithsonian still has four casts of this stone but seems to have lost the giant skeletons. We all know how difficult Giants are to keep track of, apparently they are the car keys and lighters of the anthropological world. Charleston Daily Mail, October 22, 1922 “Skeletons in Mound”. "Archaeologists investigating the mound some years ago dug out a skeleton said to be that of a female because of the formation of the bones. The skeleton was seven feet four inches tall and the jawbone would easily fit over the face of a man weighing 160 pounds. There was also taken from the mound the skeleton of a man eight feet tall. There were no ornaments beside it. These skeletons were sent to the Smithsonian Institution in Washington."

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