Friday, March 7, 2014

Your Daily Giant, Easter Bunny Edition

Today's Daily Giant comes from Deborah Frethem's book: Ghost stories of St. Petersburg, Clearwater and Pinellas County, page 16, 2007. A description of the unearthing of giant skeleton bones in Florida is given. In the late 1850's John A. Bethel and Anderson Wood encountered exposed skeletal remains at a burial mound and proceeded to dig into it. Hoping to find treasure they instead encountered three levels of skeletons. They covered up most of the bones but took with them a huge skull and jawbone as well as two large thigh bones. It is reported that the skull and jawbone could easily be fit over the heads of the finders and the thigh bones went up nearly to their waists. It is noted that the bones went to the Smithsonian Institution. This account matches countless others over decades of time all around the country. Jawbones so large they can fit over the face of the finder. Skulls so large they can be fit like a helmet and thigh bones of massive proportion. I understand that these two clowns were not Physical Anthropologists but rather a couple of grave robbing morons. However, you don't need a PHD to determine that something strange is going on when you have a skull helmet on. This was an ancient burial mound as pieces of broken pottery were found, not a pile of Mastodon bones. Another episode where the Smithsonian received giant remains, yet if you contact them, they claim there is no evidence for the existence of giants. I spoke with Deborah and she is currently searching her records to see if she has more information about this episode.

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