Friday, March 7, 2014

Your Daily Giant 3/28/2013

Today's Daily Giant is a continuation of the report of the unearthing of the world's largest skull from the Morhiss Mound in Texas, in 1939. The skull was examined by the head archaeologist of the dig, William A. Duffen and by Physical Anthropologist Marcus B. Goldstein of the WPA. Goldstein had worked as an Anthropological aide to Alex Hrdlicka, the head of Anthropology of the Smithsonian at the time. He called the size of the skull "extraordinary" and stated that its size was not a case of acromegaly or endocrine pathology. A 2010 email from Carolyn Spock, head of records at the Texas Archaeological Research Laboratory, confirmed that the skull had been in their collection but was said to be ”missing for some time". Reported in the Victoria Advocate, August 22, 1974 page 68, is another account of the find. "Probably the most unique find of any expedition in the area was at the Morhiss Mound when an undergraduate student unearthed the complete skeleton of a man that well have been called a giant. Though no specific figures were given on the size of the skeleton, photos of the head show it to be almost twice the size of a normal skull." Several things come to mind immediately. Why weren't specific figures taken, isn't that the job of Anthropologists and Archaeologists, especially when you are dealing with such an enormous specimen? Also, once again, the remains are said to be missing. If some entity were not actively suppressing evidence shouldn't such a find be a centerpiece on display at any museum interested in the sciences? The frequency which museums have lost giant skeletons and troublesome artifacts that would overturn current theories is beyond alarming. Somehow, we are supposed to swallow all this irrational nonsense and at the same time be mocked for believing in fairy tales, if we question it. The evidence should be plainly obvious to anyone paying attention. Are we naive enough to think that the censorship and corruption that infects every other sector of our society has not made its way into the academic world?

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