Thursday, March 6, 2014

Your Daily Giant 3/3/2013

Today's Daily Giant is from the New York Times May 4th, 1908. Charles C. Clapp who was in charge of Thomas W. Lawson's mining interests, reports finding 200, 8 foot tall skeletons in a cave in Mexico. Clapp notifies Professor Agassiz of the find. Lawson was a well known mining magnate. While our page focuses on the giants of Ancient America, today I figured I would go off the board and bring up the point that this is a global phenomena. Firsthand accounts, bones on display, scientists, philosophers and oral histories have throughout the ages attested to the reality of giants. Myself and other researchers have compiled a large amount of giant accounts and evidence globally as well. Mr. Clapp measured the largest skeleton at 8 foot 11 inches, molars big enough to crack a coconut and 18 inch measurement from head to back. Skeptics like to think if they debunk 6 or 7 out of several thousand accounts then the whole mystery is solved. Think again sell-out. The reality is if just a one of these accounts of massive skulls or 9,10, and 11 foot skeletons is real then it is time to rewrite the textbooks. I have already started the rewrite. After spending way too much time researching this topic, my experience is that the majority of these accounts are credible and honest. These are observational accounts not someone's thoughts on philosophy or religion and it isn't like the skeletons got up and were running around. We hear over and again, careful measurement and exact measurement. How could all these people not only screw up easy measurements but misrepresent observations like double rows of teeth, massive jaw bones you could fit over your face and skulls that were massive and unusually thick. Also, how could so many people of prominent position in society not give a shit if they are quoted telling a ridiculous lie on the pages of the New York Times that would surely be found out if they are lying.

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