Friday, March 7, 2014

Your Daily Giant 4/14/2013

Today's Daily Giant continues the story of Giant skeletons found in Sonora Mexico, with an interesting twist. The Southwest had always been a hotspot of giant skeleton finds, many times with the Smithsonian reported as showing up to purchase and take the remains back to Washington. From the Prescott Evening Courier Dec. 11, 1930 page 5, is a letter to the editor by a William Crocker. Crocker says the following, "Nearly every issue of the papers during the last week has had something to say about an expedition going into Mexico to search for the bones of a race of giants. Why go to Mexico? Several years ago, Bill Singleton, a boss on the highway, told me while working on the road through Chino Valley some human bones were dug up which, when compared with those of the average man today, indicated they belonged to a race of men who measured between nine and ten feet tall. Jess Kiple at Pruchman's will verify this statement. Another interesting find in this section was one made several years ago between Dewey and Humboldt a new piece of road cut into an old burial ground. Del Daves, now dead, doing some digging there, found two skeletons lying side by side, each about 4 feet long and each having enormous heads. Beth Gray, a mining man of this section who saw the skulls, said they were so big that it would take a number nine hat to fit them." At some point I will have to get into all the accounts of exceeding small skeletons unearthed also but one mystery at a time. So, what is going on here? The papers are buzzing with giant skeletons being unearthed in Mexico, by a team lead by prominent archaeologist Dr. Byron Cummings of the University of Arizona. Reports of giants are in fact circulating all over the country, often times by respected scientists. The public seems thoroughly convinced but academics ignore, marginalize or attack these finds. No rational explanation is given other than beating a limited number of hoaxes like the Cardiff Giant to death. This episode is reminiscent of today, a mountain of compelling evidence, a disinterested or actively hostile contingent of academics and a large body of intelligent, logical and reasonable citizens understanding the reality that exists. If you Google Giant skeletons what do you find? An endless stream of pathetic photo-shopped hoaxes, most certainly actively promoted by authorities seeking to muddy the waters. Is there any intelligent discussion of this matter from professionals, a logical explanation of how all this evidence could be anything other than what it appears to be. No, it is the Cardiff Giant part 2, an obviously contrived effort to deflect attention away from a reality destined to overturn present Archaeological and Anthropological theory.

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