Friday, March 7, 2014

Your Daily Giant 4/15/2013

Today's Daily Giant continues the story of giants found in Sonora, Mexico. Reported in the Telegraph-Herald and Times-Journal, 4 years after the initial report of giants made by Dr. Byron Cummings, head of the Archaeology Department at the University of Arizona, is another account of giant remains being found. In the Dec, 9, 1934 article, Dr. Cummings announces the find of bodies of men and women all more than seven feet tall in a perfect state of preservation in the Yaqui country of Sonora, Mexico. Dr. Cummings stated that the find was made by ethnologist Paxson Hayes of Santa Barbara California. "Traces of a lost race of giants, who wore oriental turbans and mummified their dead in a fashion similar to that of the ancient Egyptians have been found in the Yaqui Indian country in Sonora, Mexico. Other traces of the oriental origin of the ancient giants was reported by Hayes who declared he had found several tables buried near the mummies. These tables were of a size similar to those unearthed recently in the heart of the Gobi desert." Also reported in the San Jose Evening News, May 22, 1933, pg. 38 is, "Hayes spent four years excavating 34 mummies from one of the caves. Hayes brought back evidence of a civilization which may compel archaeologists to revise theories of the origin of the American Indian." Hayes interest in the study of snakes is what initially brought him to the region, as Yaqui Indians told him of the location of the lost city and giant race. These accounts match the readings of the famous psychic Edgar Cayce who stated that survivors of an ancient flood over 10,000 years ago traveled to the Western parts of our continent as well as Egypt, The Gobi desert, South and Central Mexico and the Pyrenees. The story continues tomorrow with Hayes traveling to Washington to deliver live snakes and a burial robe found on one of the giants, to the Smithsonian Institution.

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