Friday, March 7, 2014

Your Daily Giant 4/16/2013

Today's Daily Giant comes from the Milwaukee Journal, Mar 8, 1935, pg 8. "The Lost City of the Giants" continues the story of ethnologist Paxson C. Hayes and his explorations into the Mexican state of Sonora. Marshall, the author of the article from the Detroit News, reports the following about this episode, "While I was in Nogales, Ariz., six weeks ago, Hayes, the discoverer of the lost city, came out of the hills long enough to re-outfit, and to present competent, factual proof of the nature of his discoveries, before returning to the site of the lost city, which is 11 days' muleback journey southward from Hermosilla, capital of Sonora. Hayes had pictures of the mummified bodies of members of the race of giants. Thirty-four mummies have been uncovered, and the smallest measured seven feet one inch in height. He had pictures of the ruins of the buildings and samples of the burial shrouds, all in a fair state of preservation. Confirmation of the prescience of the ruins of an ancient civilization in Sonora came two years ago. Since then Hayes party has made seven expeditions into Yaqui country." There are dozens of newspaper articles over a 20 year period describing the discoveries of Paxson Hayes and his efforts to bring it to public attention. He is supported by Dr. Byron Cummings head of the Archaeology Department of the University of Arizona, who also encountered giant remains in Sonora. He also makes it to Washington D.C. and brings live snakes and a burial robe of one of the giant mummies with him while visiting the Smithsonian Institution, which I will also discuss in detail. All and all, this is one of the most elaborate, yet little known cases in the x-files of Giantology.

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