Friday, March 7, 2014

Your Daily Giant 4/17/2013

Today's Daily Giant continues the story of Paxson Hayes and the Giants of Sonora Mexico. From the Berkeley Daily Gazette, Jun 10 1937 page 1, is reported, "The many reports of a race of "supermen" who once inhabited parts of the Mexican State of Sonora received new support today with the arrival of Paxson C. Hayes and C. G. Barnes both of Santa Barbara en route from Sonora to Washington. Bringing out of Sonora a Mexican boa constrictor and stories of mummified and skeletal remains of men and women from six feet and seven inches to eight feet tall, they announced they had discovered the district of "the lost city of Sonora". They planned to continue to Washington, for a conference with the Mexican Ambassador, Francisco Najera, to seek cooperation of Mexican scientists in exploration of the discoveries. Hayes was embroiled in a controversy with Dr. Roy Chapman Andrews of the Smithsonian Institute in Washington, in 1933, over the existence of the so-called "super-men" or race of giants. Reports of the existence of remains of a race of giants have been recurrent throughout the Southwest since before 1930. Skeletons actually were found by a party headed by Dr. Byron Cummings of the University of Arizona, which indicated the existence of such a race, it was said. The Cummings expedition was driven out of Sonora by threats of an uprising of Yaqui Indians." Regardless of the evidence presented, the Smithsonian did not seem to be overly interested in these finds for some odd reason . Dr. Cummings in fact, was very critical of Eastern Scientific Institutions such as the Smithsonian. Not only did Dr. Cummings find giant skeletal remains but was embroiled in a controversy when he discovered human remains with prehistoric animals which indicated a much greater antiquity for humans on this continent. This at a time when institutions such as the Smithsonian attacked or discredited such evidence, even though the old theories were later proven wrong. Welcome to the closed minded, cult-like world of orthodox science.

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