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Your Daily Giant 4/18/2013

Today's Daily Giant continues the saga of Paxson C. Hayes and Gerald C. Barnes as they arrive in Washington D.C. Reported in the Washington Post, July 22, 1937 is "Smithsonian Amazed at Discovery of 6 1/2-Foot Mummies in Caves." We are informed of the following from the article, "With several dozen snakes (all alive), and the burial robe of a prehistoric giant (quite dead), packed in their trailer, they stopped in Washington yesterday to promote interest in their unique fields of activity. Herpetologically speaking, their purpose in coming here from California was to present President Roosevelt with 15 Smoki snakes., 10 California and Mexican rattlers and an 8-foot baby Mexican boa constrictor, which was shedding. Marvin C. McIntyre received them at the White House, expressed gratitude and suggested the reptile house at the zoo as perhaps the best place for the snakes. Dr. Ernest P. Walker, assistant director of the Zoo, officially welcomed the snakes to their new home. That over, the visitors then dropped in at the Smithsonian Institution with the prehistoric burial robe and a four-legged stool, both of which they unearthed in a burial cave in northern Sonora, Mexico. The Californians explained that the cave, one of 18 they had discovered, contains well preserved mummies of a race which averaged over 6 1/2 feet in height (previously reported up to 8 feet tall). The caves are scattered over an area of 450 square miles. Hayes who has just returned from his fifth expedition to the caves heard about their existence from the Yaqui Indians of Mexico." The article also shows a photo of Hayes, Barnes and Head Keeper of the Washington Zoo, William H. Blackburn as they assist a Mexican boa constrictor. I found the following information in the Annual Report of the Board of Regents of the Smithsonian Institution 1937, page 74, citing additions to their collections. "Smoki People," through Paxson C. Hayes and G. C. Barnes, Prescott, Ariz., 5 Western bullsnakes, 2 red rattlesnakes, 2 Mexican rattlesnakes. So what is going on here? These guys show up are received at the White House, their story is verified by the Dean of Southwest Archaeology, Dr. Byron Cummings and they visit the Smithsonian who adds their snakes to their collections. Hayes was already in a dispute with a Smithsonian official in 1933 over giant skeletal evidence, my guess is they did not follow up on these finds either. You do not find what you do not believe in. The Smithsonian had already staked out its position about giants in the past. That position was unyielding and hostile to any evidence that suggested that giants were a reality. Are we really to believe this evidence was going to get a fair hearing? Obviously, this is not some multi-decade hoax going on. An enormous effort and time of these scientific men, to get an official recognition of their remarkable finds is what is clearly happening. The Smithsonian, in fact, has been cited many times as not only making anomalous artifacts disappear but refusing to accept artifacts that would challenge current theories, thus trying to invalidate them by pretending they are not recognized by "official sources". More of this story tomorrow.

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