Friday, March 7, 2014

Your Daily Giant 4/19/2013

Today's Daily Giant concludes the story of the Giants of Sonora. Today's article from The Deseret News, Nov 9, 1950 pg 2, is the last mention I could find of this story after literally 20 years of descriptive articles filled with twists and turns. Today's article is essentially a summation of the facts of the case. "Explorer Hayes' guide, Rafel Garcia, led the way, some 90 miles into the mountains from Alamos, Sonora. About his startling discovery Hayes said: "Every basket we found contained a body wrapped like a silkworm. There were 34, of which two were women. Nine were mummified and the remainder were skeletons. When the bones of the mummies were laid out properly the various bodies measured from seven feet six inches in most cases up to the largest skeleton which was a full eight feet." It is then mentioned that Hayes expertise as a Herpetologist(an expert on snakes) originally brought him to the region where he found the giant remains. There is also a photo of Hayes holding one of the Giant burial robes, one of which he brought to the Smithsonian Institution years earlier. It is also mentioned that Hayes took the burial robes to the chiefs of the Seri Indians on Tiburon Island off the West coast of Mexico and they were as puzzled as him. My guess is that none of the players in this lengthy story had any support for their stories and evidence and probably ended up frustrated and resigned that closed mindedness and arrogance had undone the truth. In an effort to explain the lack of desire that professionals have to get to any truth that is not part of current theory, I quote from Thomas Kuhn's Structure of Scientific Revolutions, “Mop-up operations are what engage most scientists throughout their careers. This paradigm-based research is an attempt to force nature into the pre-formed and relatively inflexible box that the paradigm supplies. No effort is made to call forth new sorts of phenomena, no effort to discover anomalies. When anomalies pop up they are usually discarded or ignored. Anomalies are usually not even noticed and no effort is made to invent a new theory—and there is no tolerance for those who try.” The mysteries of Sonora do not end here though, in 2012 the following was reported. "Excavation of an ancient burial site in South Sonora, Mexico, has revealed a series of skeletons with intentionally deformed skulls. Of the 25 sets of human remains found close to the Mexican village of Onavas, 13 had deformed craniums." Brien Forester has been researching the mysteries of elongated skulls for some time and has compiled an impressive body of evidence from museums and other sources. I believe his work and others will help form new theories about the past that include giants, and beings who had elongated skulls and those cultures worldwide that emulated them with cranial deformation. I believe this also ties in with megalithic sites across the globe that show engineering and mathematical prowess far in excess of the peoples theorized to have built them and the existence of an advanced worldwide global maritime civilization over 10,000 years old. Evidence continues to comes forward all the time to support these theories and I am hoping for a bombshell fairly soon.

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