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Your Daily Giant 5/14/2013

Today's Daily Giant comes from the Honolulu Star Bulletin, December 22, 1913 pg 2. The story reported is as follows, "Three gigantic skeletons, unearthed a few days ago at Waimea, Hawaii have aroused intense interest among those who have heard of the unusual happening. The immense size of the skeletons confirm stories in Hawaiian legends of the great stature and tremendous strength of the men of old...John H. Wise, who has been at work in the Waimea homestead district on the homesteading project in which he and several other local people are interested, vouches for the correctness of the information, having personally inspected the skeletons and made rough but practical measurements of some of the bones. "There is no question that the men living were well over seven feet high." said Wise today. "The leg bones for instance, were far longer than that of any man of Hawaii today, so far as we know. I am something over five-feet-ten in height and the leg-bone, from foot to knee came halfway between my knee and thigh. The bones were of immense size. The skulls were also of great size...Perhaps unfortunately for scientific research, the Hawaiians who were employed on the road-gang refused to allow the skeletons to be taken away and they were reburied. However, Wise says they can probably be secured in case they should be desired for the Bishop Museum. He thinks the ethnologists would find much interest in a study of what were evidently physical giants...The bodyguard of the Maui king according to the tradition, was composed of warriors over seven feet and the tradition declares that every one of those giants perished in battle and the point where the bodyguard was destroyed, before the king and his followers fled, is said to be about where the skeletons have now been found."

Well over seven feet, bones of immense size, tremendous strength and huge skulls are indications once again of being way out of the normal range even for what would be considered a giant of today. These reports seem to always use the same talking points, just like if you or I uncovered giant skeletons. Measuring bones against your own, putting things in context, making sure to say things like there can be no question. Far longer and well over are all hallmarks of someone making sure that the truth of what they say is accurately represented. This account also lined up precisely with the oral tradition of indigenous Hawaiians, right down to the location of the burial spot.

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