Friday, March 7, 2014

Your Daily Giant 5/2/2013

Today's Daily Giant comes from the Bluffton Chronicle, July 22, 1903 pg 2. A report of Giant skeletons unearthed in a gravel pit in Anderson Indiana is described. If these accounts do not come from excavations of burial mounds then they come from earth moving operations, well digging, railroad construction, washouts and other earth disturbing activities. As would be expected or is often unexpected as far as the finder is concerned when they encounter giant remains and report them. From the article, "workmen unearthed half a dozen skeletons, most of which were eight feet tall and over. One in particular was that of a man of great stature and all were far above the height of tall persons. Two of the skeletons were those of women. In the graves were found pieces of pottery, such as were unknown by the Indians, which leads to the conclusion that the bones are those of people of a prehistoric race. Two bodies were found close to an ancient mound." If most were over eight feet tall, then how tall was the largest man of tall stature? The question everyone asks is where are the skeletons. My answer would be, I have numerous accounts indicating that the Smithsonian Institution had clearly recieved giant remains several times down to reference numbers of the remains in their own annual reports. I have verification from numerous museums who once had giant remains on display only to later be taken down. I also, have been contacted by numerous people who saw seven, eight and nine foot mummies and skeletons at several museums around the country that were later removed. The Smithsonian actively scoured the country, taking possesion of giant remains and in their own ethnology reports giant skeletons that were found are reported at least nine times. The real question is, how does anyone explain this phenomena? How do you explain away several thousand accounts, often by trained professionals and respected citizens, all around the country, over 150 year period and these accounts are often mentioning anatomic anomalies that logically could not have been known about in every nook and cranny of the country in an age of inefficient communication. Anatomic anomalies such as double rows of teeth, unusually thick skulls, jawbones so large they could be fit over the face of the finder, massive bone structure, etc...pair that with Native American oral history that specifically and universally speaks of giants often in very specific ways and the skeptic has a tough sell. This is either the biggest, most far reaching and all encompassing hoax in human history or a bloated and corrupt institution engaged in a cover-up. What seems more likely? Not a week goes by without a report of some corporation, institution or government agency involved in a cover-up. Why did they do it? Who knows. Giant skeletons seemed very noncontroversial at the turn of the last century then something started to change. Since then the Smithsonian has lead the charge to conceal information about human origins from the public. An institution that has a track record of documented loathsome and illegal behavior.

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