Friday, March 7, 2014

Your Daily Giant 5/5/2013

Today's Daily Giant comes from The Calgary Herald, October 26, 1955 pg 13. Reported are giant skeletons found in Turin, Italy. From the article, "One of the reasons for Hannibal's early successes against Roman legions 2,100 years ago may have been soldiers seven feet tall. Excavations made of Pecitto Hill, three miles from here, have uncovered an ancient Roman town, skeletons of men and horses and what apparently was part of a temple. Seven of the skeletons indicated that the men were seven feet tall of an African race."

Most people know of Hannibal as leader of the Carthaginian army that crossed the Alps with Elephants in the second Punic war with Rome from 218 to 201 B.C. The Carthaginians were very successful in their campaign against the Roman legions for many years despite losing tens of thousands of troops in the arduous trek across the Alps. Maybe Hannibal had a "Giant" advantage that was lost to history. Chroniclers all throughout history have mentioned giant soldiers fighting in various armies as well as many giant Native Americans who fought the European settlers here in the U.S. This is a tough one for skeptics to explain away, it ran in several newspapers in 1955, not exactly the dark ages. It mentions seven, seven footers ruling out acromegaly or gigantism and does this really seem like a hoax? What is the possible gain? Maybe Hannibal's elephant bones were misidentified as giants as skeptics tell us that these were misidentified Mastodon remains. If I were an academic or professional skeptic who tried to explain this whole phenomena away I would do my homework and look for a couple better reasons why, other than that weak ass nonsense.

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