Friday, March 7, 2014

Your Daily Giant 5/6/2013


Today's Daily Giant comes from the L. A. Times, August 21, 1938 pg. G3. The article is about the unearthing of a giant skeleton on Catalina Island and the work of Ralph Glidden and Judge Earnest Windle. From the article, "Glidden made the discovery, notified the judge, who joined him and wrote of it. "The Indian was the largest found on the island" Windle says, "Had he been alive today he would have worn a hat size 10 1/2. He was seven feet two and one-half inches tall and must have weighed in the neighborhood of 300 pounds. His jawbone was so huge that the inside of it will fit easily, and leave room to spare around the outside of a normal person." This one of countless accounts describing a massive bone structure, skull and jawbone. I have found hundreds of accounts of jawbones so massive they fit over the face of the finder in town histories, newspaper articles, scientific journals and the Smithsonian Ethnology reports. The anatomic differences of these skeletons should be obvious, they are well out of normal range even not including the factor of excessive height. Ralph Glidden unearthed thousands of skeletons on Catalina Island and claimed they averaged over seven feet tall with the largest being nine foot two. I have attached several articles showing pictures of Glidden's finds and skeletal remains that were once at the Catalina Island museum. I have been in contact with the assistant curator of the Catalina Island museum who found Glidden's records and field notes recently after 80 years as reported in the L. A. Times. I am also aware that some of Glidden's material is stored at the Fowler Museum in UCLA. Because of the Native American Graves Repatriation and Protection Act it is illegal to display skeletal remains of Native Americans. This is not to say that all these remains were Native American. Like Kennewick Man of Washington state, we may have been dealing with a melting pot here in Ancient America rather than the isolationism that is thought by current theory. Many museums once had 7, 8 and 9 foot skeletons on display that were later removed. To say where are the skeletons does not answer the main point, which is how can thousands of these reports exist, often by trained professionals and respected citizens, many times reporting the same anatomic anomalies all over the country, if it were not a reality? Mass delusion, misidentification, hoaxes and other non explanations do not work in the eyes of people who live by standards of logic and reason. They only work for conflicted people who have a vested interest which is dedicated to actively misunderstand the evidence.

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