Friday, March 7, 2014

Your Daily Giant 5/7/2013

Today's Daily Giant is a continuation of giant skeletal remains found on Catalina Island California. From the Indian Valley Record, May 13th, 1937 pg. 2 the following is reported, "Workmen excavating for a pipeline on Avalon's main street uncovered the skeleton of a giant measuring seven foot and three inches." As previously mentioned Ralph Glidden unearthed and collected thousands of skeletons of enormous size. Also, before he ever started excavations on Catalina Island there were many accounts of giant skeletons unearthed, including an eight footer by the German naturalist Fuhrestanan, a photo which I have attached. There were giant finds before and after Glidden did his excavations for the Heye Foundation of New York. As mentioned yesterday, Glidden had giant skeletal remains on display at the Catalina Island Museum. Many of these finds were not only well over seven feet but had remarkably large skulls, bones and jawbones, something not found with seven foot people today. A clear anatomical difference exists between these remains and the type of human now walking the earth.

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