Friday, March 7, 2014

Your Daily Giant 4/22/2013

Today's Daily Giant comes from Ohio County, Kentucky, in the Olden Days-By Harrison D. Taylor, 1926 pgs. 1 and 2. Another of multiple forms of literature describing the same thing, giant skeletons with anatomic anomalies. Scientific Journals, Smithsonian Ethnology Reports, Town Histories, Newspaper articles and other sources, all describing the same phenomena over decades of time all around the country.

From the article, "The late Robert Render Sr., a gentleman well-known and highly esteemed for his many virtues, used to relate finding a mound or grave near Green River, in which were bones of an enormous size: a human leg bone which, when stood on the floor beside his leg, when sitting down, would reach to the top of his knee, and a jaw bone which would fit loosely over his under jaw. Mr. Render was a man considerably over medium height, measuring over six feet in height and having large bones and face. It is estimated that the old bones belonged to a human one-third larger than Mr. Render, who ranked among the largest men in this country. It is now a subject of regret that this grave had not been thoroughly examined by scientific men."

One report may be explained away but how are over 2000, describing the same thing, not considered another matter. To say "where are the skeletons", hardly makes this go away, with so many accounts clearly indicating the Smithsonian took possession of giant remains right down to catalog numbers indicating the receipt of them listed in their own annual reports. Along with other museums such as the Humboldt Museum, the Nevada State Museum, the Maryland Academy of Sciences, the Sandusky Museum, the Walter B. Jones Museum, the Catalina Island Museum, the Carnegie Museum, the PVMA Museum in Deerfield and others once having giant remains on display that were later removed. Pair that with photos, in some cases sworn testimony by the finders, analysis by physical Anthropologists and Archaeologists and thousands of witnesses and you have a reality not easily explained away.

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