Friday, March 7, 2014

Your Daily Giant 4/24/2013

Today's Daily Giant comes from Artisans and Artifacts of Vanished Races by Theophilus L. Dickerson-1915, pg 151. Reported near Alcinda, Indiana was the following, "Some workman while digging in a piece of hilly woodland discovered a curiously shaped stone that extended about four feet below the surface and bearing strange hieroglyphic characters. Curiosity prompted the workmen to remove this stone cover from the vault, which was found to be circular in shape. The stone cover was six inches in thickness. In the stone grave was the remains of a skeleton approximating the stature of a giant, and in primitive times no doubt he occupied a commanding position, judging from the care that had been given in building a stone sepulcher and the metal and stone ornaments found about this prehistoric human skeleton. The copper ornaments on this aboriginal giant almost cover the skeleton. The characters on the stone cover resemble the phonetic or queer hieroglyphic symbols on the stones of Aztec ruins in Mexico, Central America and Yucatan."

Virtually every report I have seen with strange hieroglyphic writing has also come with a report of a giant skeleton being found. I can only theorize that it may mean there were civilizations in Ancient America before Native Americans or there was diffusionist contact long ago from other civilizations or the origin of Native Americans is much different from the now debunked, Clovis Barrier-Land Bridge theory. Whatever the case, there are many matter of fact accounts of strange writing of a kind never before seen, reported in every corner of Ancient America. Oftentimes these invaluable relics, once again, were reported as being sent to the Smithsonian Institution for "further study".

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