Friday, March 7, 2014

Your Daily Giant 4/25/2013

Today's Daily Giant once again comes from Artisans and Artifacts of Vanished Races by Theophilus L. Dickerson-1915, this time on page 153. Another very intriguing account from Indiana is reported on, from the author, "A few miles north of Kennard, in Henry county, Indiana, is a remarkable mound that covers an area of five acres. Unlike other mounds in Indiana and other states, it is composed principally of sand and gravel, there is not another deposit of sand or gravel in six or eight miles. This pile of sand and gravel as stated above, covers an area of five acres and is a cone shape. When first known by white men, it had a well defined ditch around it and two made roadways, wide enough for a wagon, one from the north and the other from the south." When farmers and road builders were digging into the mound for glacial screenings they found the following. "After opening this deposit to a depth of 12 feet from the top of the mound they unearthed a human skeleton whose framework measured nearly eight feet in height. His skull would fit over the head of a large man: his jaws being massive and teeth in a perfect state of preservation. On the breast of this big chief was a saucer-shaped vessel of ivory, about six inches in diameter, containing 84 ivory beads, than must have been made from the tusks of a mastodon." The majority of these accounts do not just state that a giant skeleton was found but again and again the same descriptions are used. Massive jawbones, skull put over the finders head, perfect teeth, massiveness of bones, etc... I believe this adds to the veracity of the accounts. How can people all around the country be describing these same anatomic anomalies over decades of time, it's not like they were using Facebook and Twitter.

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