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Your Daily Giant 4/26/2013

Today's Daily Giant comes from the Deseret Evening News, April 18, 1893 pg. 9. An extremely long and detailed report is given about a burial mound near Toledo, Ohio. Some of the details from the article are as follows, "The excavation now in progress near here has revealed things more strange than other mounds have given up. The strangest of these is that the human bones are of a monstrous size. The race that has gone was, it appears from the skeletons, a race of veritable giants....The mound is 29 feet high and measures 117 feet in diameter. Few if any of the 1500 mounds in Ohio are larger. This is said to be the first large one ever removed. The big mound has, it is supposed, stood for nearly 1000 years, and now the ancient landmark, known to almost every person in the Ohio Valley, and which has been viewed by 400,000 people is being removed, not for the benefit of science, but that the earth in it may be used for street-filling. A dozen men are at work with half that number of horses and carts. Great crowds are daily visiting the scene, and relic hunters are making life a burden for C. C. Cochran, the contractor, and his workmen. Martin's Ferry, which has for half of a century prized the big tumulus (mound) so highly, is greatly exited over the discoveries made. At times the crowds are so large that the men have almost found it impossible to work."

The article continues, "Human skeletons, skulls and bones, elk antlers, horns, pottery, Paleolithic implements and engravings, granite implements, arrow heads, spear heads, pale gray flint, cup stones, agricultural implements, nut crackers, hammer stones, sinkers, perforated and variegated stones and implements are being found....Some of the skulls found would seem to indicate that in the days of the mound builders they were giants in this section of the country. The skulls are twice as large as those of the present age. One pair of thigh bones, almost as well preserved as if buried a few years ago, are so large that they must have belonged to a person at least nine feet tall. Several jaw bones are large and the teeth sound."

Huge crowds of onlookers, skeleton over nine feet tall, skulls twice the normal size, obliteration of an ancient burial mound by colonial vultures with giants in it. I would say this is a fairly compelling account.

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