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Your Daily Giant 5/10/2013

Today's Daily Giant comes from the Evening Independent, November 25, 1921 pg 17. Mother nature unearthed some huge skeletons with torrential rains. Many reports are similar to this, washouts, water main breaks etc... uncovering skeletal remains that startle the finder. From the article:

"Recent heavy rains in the vicinity of Reddington near here have uncovered the burial grounds of a race of giant people who are thought to have lived thousands of years ago, according to August Ealey, a miner, who has been employed in the Reddington district. Ealey described parts of skeletons from the cemetery and declared that the stature of the race must have been twice that of the average man of today. One skull showed a thickness of about an inch, Ealey said, and was in a state of preservation. Pieces of pottery, ear rings, remains of charcoal fires and other evidence uncovered by the rains, has led Ealey to report the discovery to the state university with the hope that a more intimate investigation would be made of the burial ground."

You don't have be Archimedes to figure out twice the size of an average man is over 10 feet. Another skull mentioned as way out of the range of normal in regards to thickness. These anatomical attributes will eventually be understood more clearly by science and a clear picture of why these prehistoric giants had these particular characteristics will be known. First, the fields of Anthropology and Archaeology need to be forced to evaluate the matter in an open minded and balanced way, rather than using consensus and other lazy tricks to avoid appropriate analysis of troubling evidence. In a couple of days I am meeting with a 93 year old farmer from Deerfield, Ma. His father unearthed a giant skeleton at the turn of the century. His plow hit the skull and it was so thick it knocked the plow out of the ground. There are more details I will post after the meeting but I was told the skull was massive and one inch thick. It was reburied several years ago but was at his farm for many years after being mounted by his former schoolteacher. This skeleton was very close to where the 8 foot skeleton with double rows of teeth and a head as big as a peck basket was unearthed in Deerfield, as reported in the town History of Deerfield, Ma 1895 pg. 78 by George Sheldon. The skeleton was examined by Dr. Stephen Williams a prominent member of Deerfield as well as other witnesses who were mentioned.

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